Functioning on trial and real basis.
Customize, fast and smooth Bill generation and transaction.
Fast stock monitoring, tracking and prevention to stop theft & pilferage.
Inter transfer of stock among branches and franchises.
Stock level management during rush and peak hours, seasons, and festivals.
Hold Bill & refresh screen.
Sale return, Purchase/Purchse return.
Auto purchase order genration at assign level.
Refuse product management.
Efficient supplier & customer ledger management.
Efficient customer relationship management system for promotions through SMS.
Handling of discount through different methods.
Free gift and coupons management.
Efficiency/indexing or high sale rating of items.
Alerts of expiry and dead items.
Customized bar code generation.
Import or export of data of items, products, customers and vendors from spread sheet, WPS office Microsoft excel and etc.
Large number of reports which help in enhancement of business.
User rights & roll base management.
inventory tracking for monitoring and audit.
SMS integration and alerts for CRM for customers and retailers about sales Bills, GRN, PO, and demand orders.
Purchase and sale of raw materials and finished products.
Auto purchase order with respect to supplier.
Manage destination of item with multiple dimensions for example name, color, size and weight wise etc.
Item price management shop wise.
Cutomer relationship management (CRM).
Redeem points and loyalty cards, gift cards, gift certificate and store credit in one store as well as entire chain store etc.
User efficiency index.
Quotation preparation and conversion into sales, advanced sales orders.
Customers vendors balances and outstanding date wise.
Alerts and commitments of customers and vendors payments.
Multiple warehouse management.
Transfer, dispatch and receipt of items among different branches and warehouses.
Collection data of refused or non products.
Dynamic dashboard can put key figure in front of your face with real time accuracy of data of inventory sales, purchase, receipt and payment etc.
Multiple of split tender gives customers flexible payment choices using multiple tenders.
Cross sell,up sell help to increase of revenue or sale volume by recommendation to sell products to customers.
eCommerce feature helps to increase your sale volume and customers by integration of online sale and marketing platforms.
Vendors management feature provides details of vendors, efficiency and quality of their products and supplies.
Quality control feature helps retailers make sure the quality of supplies, raw materials and products QC parameters verified validation and quality of products.
Artificial intelligence provides to build relationship with right customers and vendors to increase sale volume and quality products purchasing.
Enhancing efficiency and performance of sale and other stock by artificial intelligence features.
Product wise and bill wise discounts.
Dealers and Franchise management allows or place purchase orders and receipt goods and products from central warehouse or from any branch making smooth supply chain and business development.
Multilingual (English & Urdu) Features.
Fast staff training in minutes due to high level of user friendly inter faces.
Online, offline and cloud-base functioning.
Multiple currencies management features provides facilities to choose a foreign currency however it give the provision to purchase products in foreign currencies .
Hardware integration feature allows or integrate with other hardware like till, cash draws, credit card readers bar code readers and scanners, POS register screen, card reader, cash draw, pin pad, receipt printer.
Sales staff commissions and bounces on sales targets achieving.
Facilitates cancellation and updating quotations sales wills and purchase orders.