Solution For Cooking Oil Industry

Meeting the ever-changing market demands, assuring consumer health, guaranteeing food safety, timely response to consumer demands, meeting specific requirements of consumers etc are only some of the complex challenges bothering manufacturers in  oil manufacturing industry. Above all, the biggest dilemma for them is keeping down storage costs while meeting continuous production demands. And, this is not all! Other factors such as price volatility, operational costs, and adhering to government compliances are risks that are to be managed daily.

 Operating under immense pressure, where no two days are the same with each day bringing a new challenge, it becomes essential for oil manufacturers to use an Retail Insta software that understands the segment to the depth.

Fits Into Your Workflows Not the Other Way Around

Asset Lifecycle Management

Easily manage assets, from procurement all the way through their disposal

Access Control

Define permissions based on specific user roles for greater security

Checkouts & Reservations

Keep an eye on asset checkouts and plan out reservations well in advance.

Barcode, QR Code & RFID

Mass scanning items with our iOS and Android apps.

Inventory Management

Manage the stock levels of all your inventory with ease.

Reports, Alerts & Notifications

Get insights and alerts on depreciation, checkouts, maintenance, and more.