Datatech DP is founded in 1999 with company registrar and got registered in 2010 with SECP as IT and Service Provider Company. It serves retail and manufacturing industries by offering matured and reliable POS, RMS and ERP solutions to a large number of single and multi-chain stores and industries by the name of Retail Insta and ERP Insta.

Retail Insta is a unique and highly reliable ”cloud base” Point Of Sale (POS),Retail Management System (RMS) and ERP solution which includes end to end  business processes and activities that help both retailors and  customers to acquire the desired products (merchandise), services and experiences from the physical or digital retail stores, they value and desire. Retail Insta is blend of technologies that a retailer uses to increase the customer experience and operate daily retail management activities, including sales, accounting, CRM, warehouse, manufacturing and project management in different retail businesses like grocery, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, pharmacies, garments, fabrics,  apparel, books ,cosmetics, crockery, paper and many others

Retail Insta allows you to integrate with other businesses, social platforms, online apps and stores to customize and enhance your retail business.

Chain Stores

Chemical Retail Software

For firms concerned within the producing and distribution of chemicals and allied merchandise, it is tough to manage regular operations with efficiency, whereas additionally staying up-to-date on formulations, material needs coming up with dynamical rules, increasing competition, and trade globalisation. Retail Insta is compliance and restrictive management, bidirectional ton flexibility, quality management, certificate of analysis (COA) generation, recall management, and period following to safeguard against unforeseen compliance issues and to quickly resolve any quality problems that will occur.

Pharmacy Retail Software

Retial Insta Pharmacy software is an one stop solution for billing, Inventory management and accounting needs. Cost effective Retial Insta Pharmacy software help to manage fast billing using barcode scanner supported POS system, GST supported billing software. Solution available for Pharma warehouse and retail business


Helping Retailers round the World
RETAILINSTA has noninheritable experience in retail and accounting solutions over the last eighteen years; continuous feedback from several veteran retailers and wholesalers has enabled RETAILINSTA to additional refine its product. And now, RETAILINSTA is investment this expertise and trade best practices to create retail partnerships. RETAILINSTA has created agreements with selected national and international partners to plug, deploy, and supply support services for its computer code product.

  1. Our partnership program hinges on the common vision to serve the retail trade and create retail straightforward worldwide. need to become our partner? decide however.