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Retail Insta Management Retail Software that’s Changing the Way Retailers do Retail

Retail Insta Management & Retail POS for Size and Color Businesses

Retail Insta management and retail software that gives a competitive advantage to footwear and apparel retail businesses (single stores and chain store) because of innovative features for these vertical markets. The features include:
System supported replenishment of product assortments and cut-sizes,
Automated stock movement for stock optimization
Presentation of information within the matrix format to look at merchandise with all accessible sizes.

Retail Insta GUI (graphical user interface) is also designed to streamline operations of footwear and apparel retailers.

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We are in the Business To Serve the Retail Businesses

Apparel & fabrics

Retail Insta POS & complete inventory management for specific needs of Apparel industry


Fast checkout Retail insta inventory management for retail groceries handling varied product.


Shoe Insta POS and inventory software for footwear retailers for both single stores and retail chains.


Retail Insta POS, inventory management, customer orders, table booking, Kitchen order tickets and more

Books & Stationery

Retail Insta POS & Inventory management for  book stores selling books, stationery items, school uniforms, etc.


The complete point of sale and inventory management solution for single drug stores or multi store pharmacies

Retail Insta Management & Retail POS for Chain Store Management

Retail Insta has all the tools multi-store retailers need to grow their businesses. Whether you have two retail outlets or hundred, Retail Insta offers multi-dimensional inventory management, stock movement across different stores and warehouses, customized reporting, purchase management including PO and GRN, and loyalty club.

Making Retail Simple For All.

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